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12"or 14" £10.25 or £12.25

For take-out or Sit-in
With a choice of up to 6 toppings.

Our Menu

  • Pizza

    THE ORIGINAL small £6.95 / Large £7.95

    Mozzarella cheese with mutti tomato sauce.

    Woodland small £9.25 / Large £11.25

    A good helping of fresh mushrooms with ricotta cheese, basil pesto & fresh garlic.

    The Supreme small £9.45 / Large £11.45

    Roasted red pepper, goats cheese & caramelised onion.

    Florentina small £9.95 / Large £11.45

    Spinach, ricotta cheese, pine nuts, nutmeg and garlic, topped with a fresh egg.

    Chicken & Chorizo small £9.45 / Large £11.45

    Fresh torn chicken breast, chorizo picante, mixed peppers, red onion and paprika

    Cajun Chicken small £9.45 / Large £11.45

    Strips of chicken, marinated in a cajun spice with slices of green pepper.

    BBQ Chicken small £9.45 / Large £11.45

    A bbq sauce base topped with chicken, smoky bacon, onions and mixed peppers .

    Pepperoni small £8.95 / Large £10.95

    We only use top quality dry cured pepperoni, baked in the oven it comes out crispy, almost blackened; taste the difference.

    Ham & Pineapple small £8.95 / Large £10.25

    An old time favourite.

    Reggae Chicken small £9.45 / Large £11.45

    Freshly torn chicken breast topped with red onion and levi roots winning BBQ sauce.

  • Pizza 2

    The Mountain small £10.25 / Large £12.25

    Plenty of protein here. Pepperoni, ground beef, italian sausage, ham & salami finished with red onion and our own chilli flakes.

    The Haggis small £9.45 / Large £11.45

    Locally sourced haggis, with red onion, mozzarella & tomato sauce.

    Sicilian Classic small £9.95 / Large £11.95

    Tuna, capers, anchovy, green olives & prosciutto ham with Chilli flakes.

    Calzone 12inch £10.25

    With your choice of up to six toppings.

    Calzone 14inch £12.25

    With your choice of up to six toppings.

    Wee One £ 4.95

    For the smaller appetite, a cheese and tomato pizza using mutti tomato sauce and 100% mozzarella. Add a topping of your choice for 40p each.

    Gluten Free £6.25

    Every effort has been made to prepare your pizza using seperate utensils in an enviroment that contains wheat based produce. A 9inch base with 100% mozzarella and mutti tomato sauce, add toppings of your choice for 70p each.

    Make your own £6.95 /£7.95

    extra topping 70p each Anchovy, mixed peppers,pepperoni, chicken, chorizo, ham, italian sausage, salami, ground beef, sweetcorn, mushroom, black olives, green olives, tuna, pine nut, red onion, spinach, haggis, goats cheese, chilli flakes.

  • Sides

    Garlic Bread £3.75 / £5.25

    A hand pressed dough ball with loads of fresh garlic butter.

    Cheesy Garlic Bread £4.45 / £5.95

    A hand pressed dough ball with loads of fresh garlic butter and mozzarella cheese .

    Crispy Mushrooms £2.75

    Sliced mushrooms in bread crumbs served with a choice of dips

    Chicken Wings £3.95

    Traditional on the bone wings, served with our home made maple and apple BBQ sauce.


    Fresh chicken fillet strips dusted with flour and coated in your favourite sauce. Franks Red Hot, Reggae Reggae, BBQ, Sweet Chilli .

    Homemade Coleslaw £1.75

    Fresh homemade coleslaw.

    Mozazarella Sticks £ 2.75

    Four crumb coated sticks served with a choice of dip.

    Potato Wedges £2.95

    Fresh potatoes seasoned and dusted with a spicy coating.

  • Drinks



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